I.T funny practice (Part I)

1. Setup the file server with RAID 0 without an online backup solution.
2. Setup a 2003 domain with no clustering, leaving no backup of username & password.
3. No disaster recovery plan.
4. Backup tapes are keep in a old-rotten-wood cupboard in your own company.
5.Passwords are either "123456798", "password","12345", or other easy to guess passwords.
6. Users can’t change their password because they are in a workgroup instead of domain.
7. Users start writing sticky-notes about their password, because they were assign complex passwords that they have no way to change it. Then they stick the username & password on the monitor.
8.Users can’t change settings on lots of program (including Oracle) because they are legacy software and users are "restricted user", giving lots of problem related to NTFS security.
9.Lotus Notes server time-out occassionally and user complains because the user has a 50Gb mailbox open directly through Notes Client without replica.
10.Setup a firewall software to analysis output of its own log on a old-pc that hangs ocassionally, which prevents internet access.

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