I.T funny practice (Part II)

1.Hundreds of computer, but you are using OEM license for Office & Windows. Reinstalling a computer means that you have to search for its license first. This also means, no Ghost or sysprep.
2.About 80% of the I.T people know how to “group by” in SQL but doesn’t know how to use pivot table. Yet, they feel its ok.
3.Backup goes around the clock and there is just no time to do restore or to test whether the backup tapes really work in time of disaster.
4.All management and 90% of members of certain dept has Blackberry, some just use it for donation through the service provider.
5.No one ever delete a file and you might just find files that are older than your son.
6.The I.T dept head thinks that the I.T policy that is distributed to every employee is confidential.
7.The I.T. dept head is busy everyday playing Shanghai and visit porn website.
8.There is no syslog server because they are worried about network traffic.
9.The system administrator spam himself and the others with e-mail of the CPU utilization that was taken from 5 instances of Linux server every hour.
10.Buying a Macbook Air just to install Winxp on it.

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