[Mac] Backup and restore Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac.

Referring to this article, we could move Office 2011 license from one Mac to another simply by copying a couple files. I had created 2 scripts to simplify the task.


cd ~/Desktop
mkdir OfficeLicense
mkdir OfficeLicense/$HOSTNAME
mkdir OfficeLicense/$HOSTNAME/LaunchDaemons
mkdir OfficeLicense/$HOSTNAME/PrivilegedHelperTools
mkdir OfficeLicense/$HOSTNAME/Preferences
cp /Library/LaunchDaemons/ ./OfficeLicense/$HOSTNAME/LaunchDaemons
cp /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/ ./OfficeLicense/$HOSTNAME/PrivilegedHelperTools
cp /Library/Preferences/ ./OfficeLicense/$HOSTNAME/Preferences


The script would backup the necessary files to a folder called OfficeLicense on the Desktop. The files will be placed into Desktop/OfficeLicense\$HOSTNAME. Where $HOSTNAME will be the current Mac’s hostname.


cd ~/Desktop
cp ./OfficeLicense/$HOSTNAME/LaunchDaemons/ /Library/LaunchDaemons
cp ./OfficeLicense/$HOSTNAME/PrivilegedHelperTools/ /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools
cp ./OfficeLicense/$HOSTNAME/Preferences/ /Library/Preferences


Assuming that the Mac where you want to restore the license will be using the same hostname, place the folder on the Desktop and run






Cantonese on Android, Apple, and Microsoft Products

Very interesting topic about Cantonese and let us know where to get Cantonese input for different OS.

Hong Kong and Cantonese

I find it interesting that even though we tend to deny Cantonese the same (if any) prestige that we give Mandarin in the world by not teaching it in schools or universities, calling it a “dialect,” and overall advocating the more “proper” use of Mandarin for economic upward mobility and business, quite prominent companies include Cantonese language features to attract consumers, perhaps indicative of the lucrativeness of the Cantonese-speaking market that predominantly resides in Hong Kong.

For one, Android products include Google voice typing using Cantonese, specifically labeled “粵語 (香港),” alongside Mandarin features for China and Taiwan. And while I don’t think Android includes a Cantonese language keyboard feature, one can use the free HKIME application to type using Cantonese romanization (I’m not sure if it’s Jyutping – it’s called “Canton Pinyin” on the keyboard), Cangjie, stroke, among others. There’s another application, Cantonese keyboard, that some reviews say works…

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