Month: May 2007

WM5 vs WM6


A few free webhosting website I found in a magazine

The following webhosting either support asp or php.










Free Hostia



Google Notebook

Interesting enough, Google has more and more service and recently I just got myself addicted on Google’s "My Notebook".
Now, I won’t need to press Window Key+ R and type in "Notepad" and press enter anymore, because I would use Google’s Notebook instead.
I could jot down short notes for reference and keep it online for later reference 🙂

Bad program for handling messages.

My M700 comes with a software that handles sms, mails and other messages. I believe that this software comes with WM5. Since the name of the software is in chinese, I wouldn’t really know what’s its name is in English. I think it’s something like "message centre". It has the function to move messages, but I can’t move my sms messages anywhere except to existing folder because I can’t create new folder for sms messages. How am I suppose to separate messages that I would like to keep then?!!

Eten M700 WM6 upgrade not available for HK version yet!!

Damn, thought that i could upgrade to WM6 by 23rd of this month but the HK version of the upgrade isn’t available yet. Up to now, only the Taiwan Chinese, English, French and Russian is available for download. Without knowing the fact, I downloaded the Taiwan Chinese version and it rejected my action key

My life with my M700

OK, ever since I have my M700, I would listen to mp3 (128 bitrate) for an hour in the morning on my way to work. Then I would listen to the radio from 9am to 1pm (that’s the lunch time) with it and continue listening to the radio from 2pm to 7pm. If I don’t talk on the phone, the battery level would be somewhere around 35-55% and I can listen to mp3 on my way home. Then I can recharge it once I get home. This is kinda great, but I guess I need a spare battery if I want to talk on the phone with this sort of living style.
2 hr of mp3 playback
9 hr of radio.

Why I hate Windows Mobile 5.

To start the story, Eten M700 is my first device that uses Windows Mobile. I never have anything that uses Windows Mobile before, or do I have any experience with earlier version.
With Windows Mobile, I find it annoying to not be able to disable the zhuyin chinese input method from the control panel. It’s Hong Kong here, zhuyin is only use in Taiwan as far as I know, but he Windows Mobile 5 has zhuyin and changjie (full & half) only. There is no phrase input for changjie and you can’t type Hong Kong characters. The most annoying part is that, phrase input is available with handwriting input. The "quick" input is not available, you have to switch to changjie full and put a * in the middle to achieve the same function. Simplified chinese is not available with chanjie but again, it’s available with handwriting input.
I only use changjie but I have no way to remove the zhuyin or to be able to set changjie as default input. I search thru the web and find that it can only be remove thru registry edit. Fxxk Microsoft then.
Next is with the phone, I cannot add the number into an existing contact when someone dials in with another phone or can I edit before call. This two functions exist in my M68.
I can always choose to edit the number ( for example, add the number 133 before dialing) in M68.
Another problem is, for those IVR thingy, you have to listen to the command before pressing any button to know what you need to press to do what you want. However, Windows Mobile seems to have some bug here, if you leave keypad idle for sometime, it would occassionally ignore your  keypad input.
What’s next is, the bluetooth would begin file transfer without asking the user. It will ask you whether you want to accept it or not after it complete the file transfer or you could always cancel it in the middle of the way, but I just don’t like it when it start accepting without my permisson.
The calendar view is not configurable, I prefer to view the calendar in month or even year, not in the hour mode.
And to end this entry, I would tell you the most hateful thing about Windows Mobile that makes me sick of it. Windows Media player doesn’t have a function to switch of the screen while playing music. My Palm has, and my M68 has, SE and Nokia has it too. Even the FM radio software that comes with my Eten M700 has this function but Microsoft seems to be too lazy to implement such a function. My M700 doesn’t have the keylock or screen lock function, and once in awhile, I would accidentally press the button in Windows Media player that causes it to go online. There is no way I could disable GPRS because Windows Mobile is "smart" enough to figure out what connection is available and do an auto-connect when it "thinks" I need an internet connection. This cost me more money for GPRS!!!

I guess, Microsoft dislike Palm

OK, I got this Eten M700 in April, the first thing I wanna do is to transfer those ringtones that I have in my Xplore M68 (a Palm OS based phone). The simplest way I could think of is to switch bluetooth on both device and start the file transfer. I had been using my M68 for about 8 months and I never had any problem with file transfer with bluetooth. It work perfectly with PC, SonyEricsson and Nokia. But shit does happen, Windows Mobile 5 just doesn’t give any reaction to the file transfer. Ignorance that is. Tried going the other way (M700 -> M68), Palm tried to start the transfer but terminate it within a second. Guess Microsoft just doesn’t want to talk to Palm.
My Lifedrive can transfer files to my M68 just fine. M68 or Lifedrive can transfer file to any other device that I have in hand just fine too. As well as the M700. Just that , "Windows Mobile crossover Palm" doesn’t seem to work~~eh~~~~