Month: January 2016

Quick review on NanoPi2

I bought a NanoPi2 and tested the Android and Debian image from the wiki

The Android and Debian doesn’t seem to be optimized/customized or configured much for this device.

Here are the problems I found


  • Screen rotation is a problem, as it doesn’t detect auto rotate (no sensor) and there is no easy way to select the orientation
  • The sound will go to the HDMI and there is no easy way to redirect it to other device.
  • The AOSP Android is not rooted
  • Wifi initialize rather slow, it will take about 1 minute before the wifi is able to connect to a network on startup.
  • Since the device does not have volume buttons, you have to go all the way to the settings-> sound to change it.
  • Shutdown will only halt.


  • Bluetooth cannot detect anything to pair and sometimes have difficulty switching it on.
  • The wiki on Matrix – Compact Kit did not provide complete information on the compilation (Ubuntu 32/64 bit? “arm-linux-gcc-4.9.3” instead of a full package name, etc)
  • There is another document about the setup which doesn’t state where to download the ARM Cross Compiler here. A bit of conflict and inconsistent with the wiki where I download the images.
  • Sample code are incomplete or broken, no usage manual on accessories.
  • Can’t get the LCD and HDMI on at the same time, which works by default in Android.
  • Shutdown will only halt.


  • There ain’t much in the English forum compared to the Chinese one
  • Your post to the Chinese forum needs admin’s approval to show up, yet it is ignored


The forum is more of a one way communication, maybe they should call it bulletin instead. The wiki is not updated frequently and the English version is usually incomplete compare to the Chinese version.

If you consider getting this device because it mentioned it is compatible with Raspberrypi, please forget it. The only thing that is compatible is the GPIO physical pin setup.

In summary, if you do not know Chinese, lack of Linux and compiling knowledge, you may not want to get this device with any add-on.

A more detailed review can be found here