Month: June 2007

M700 upgraded to WM6

Upgraded M700 to WM6, have to reinstall most of the programs. It took about 20-30 mins for the upgrade and another 30 minutes to install programs that I use. The only annoying part I found is that I have to re-register Mapking but the website was down for two days.
Below is what I found after the upgrade:
1.Boot up time was a bit faster.
2.Most program loads a bit faster.
3.New input interface was added (a larger qwerty keyboard or abcde keyboard ,choose one out of two)
4.Chinese handwriting recognition had improve a lot, less delay.
5.Smart dialing is available now.
6.Windows Live and Windows update available now.
7.JPEG+EXIF in the camera function, now it will turn on the GPS when you take a picture if you choose this function. I don’t have the time to inspect the data in the EXIF yet. I guess, it’s just the location where I took the pic.
8.The "Find" function now display more info instead of just the file name. I am not sure whether it’s the WM6 function or from programs I installed.
9.Windows Live messenger now available, it has the choice to sync your your contacts from your hotmail account to your PDA (which will not sync into your Outlook, making duplicates in some situation).
10.New icon and new sound scheme.
11.New interface for dialer and Windows Media Player.


Chinese article:
English article:
The chinese edition is kinda misleading, I would say its rather idiotic because the author is comparing TouchFLO with Iphone’s multitouch. That’s crazy, this technology is ONLY tracing the movement of the contact point and doesn’t detect multi-point, it’s two complete different thing.
Check this out if you want to see what multitouch is:
Another silly thing is, it took them years to develop such thing. I ain’t expert in programming, but this sort of function somehow exist in Palm’s hack ages ago.
Anyway, it’s nice to know that they want to make the device to be control mainly by the finger because I am too lazy to pull out the stylus most of the time.