Month: October 2007

What I would do if a computer is infected.

Ok, just wanna let you guys know how I usually get an infected PC fixed.
I am just too lazy to remember URLs, so I google.
First I would google for online scan, which would usuallly return Trend Micro’s online scan on the top of the list. (
A few click away from a full online virus scan.
Next, I would google for xscan, which would usually return on the top of the list.
xscan is a great spyware scanner that I would recommend.
Well, this two tools would usually fix most trouble. If it doesn’t, I would recommend Spybot or Ad-aware, or probably both.
I prefer Spybot, because it has more functions to help me find problems, however, there is always some problem that Ad-aware can detect but Spybot would miss out  (vice-versa).
This are the basic steps that I would take before doing any more advance stuffs, what to do next would depend on the situation.