Month: June 2010

Excel Error, 沒有其他新字型可套用到這個活頁簿中。 (Part II)

Previously, I mentioned about the error “沒有其他新字型可套用到這個活頁簿中” (“exceeded maximum number of fonts” in English) in another article that could be fixed by installing MUI and setting the display language to English. Recently, I found that regional settings and “Editing Language” in “Microsoft Office Language Settings” has some relation to the error as well.When this error occur, try setting your “Primary editing language” in “Editing Languages” corresponding the the content of the Excel file. If this fails, try the same to “Regional Settings” as well. This resolves the problem.



iNotes cannot open attachment if DWA 8.5 is not installed.

Latest iNotes cannot open some attachment if DWA 8.5 is not installed. The error message was about not being able to access the attachment that it saved in the temporarily internet folder. However, when I try to search for the folder it mentioned, the folder doesn’t exist. It seems that iNotes try to save the attachment to a temporarily folder and fails if DWA 8.5 is not installed.

Installing DWA resolved the problem.