office 2011

[Mac] Backup and restore Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac.

Referring to this article, we could move Office 2011 license from one Mac to another simply by copying a couple files. I had created 2 scripts to simplify the task.


cd ~/Desktop
mkdir OfficeLicense
mkdir OfficeLicense/$HOSTNAME
mkdir OfficeLicense/$HOSTNAME/LaunchDaemons
mkdir OfficeLicense/$HOSTNAME/PrivilegedHelperTools
mkdir OfficeLicense/$HOSTNAME/Preferences
cp /Library/LaunchDaemons/ ./OfficeLicense/$HOSTNAME/LaunchDaemons
cp /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/ ./OfficeLicense/$HOSTNAME/PrivilegedHelperTools
cp /Library/Preferences/ ./OfficeLicense/$HOSTNAME/Preferences


The script would backup the necessary files to a folder called OfficeLicense on the Desktop. The files will be placed into Desktop/OfficeLicense\$HOSTNAME. Where $HOSTNAME will be the current Mac’s hostname.


cd ~/Desktop
cp ./OfficeLicense/$HOSTNAME/LaunchDaemons/ /Library/LaunchDaemons
cp ./OfficeLicense/$HOSTNAME/PrivilegedHelperTools/ /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools
cp ./OfficeLicense/$HOSTNAME/Preferences/ /Library/Preferences


Assuming that the Mac where you want to restore the license will be using the same hostname, place the folder on the Desktop and run