CardScan startup error

Just in case you get the following error, please change the local to English (United States).

“Could not start CardScan because CardScan has detected an internal error: AssetFailed. Contact Technical Support with this information; file: .\ustring.c, line 497, info:0 (0).”


Please follow the steps below for the solution:

1. Go to the Start menu

2. Open Control Panel locate an option called “Clock, Language and Region” click on it.

3. In the new window you should see an option called “Change location”

4. Click on it and a new window containing those options should open.

5. In that window, go to the last tab called “Administrative: and in the middle of the window there is an option called “Language for non-Unicode programs” and underneath there is a button called Change system location.

6. Press the button and new window will pop-up.

7. From that window choose English (United States) as “Current system locale:”

8. Press OK on all windows.

9. Restart the computer and try running the CS Software.




  1. This may also be caused by a corrupted data base. To resolve the issue, you can do the following:
    1. File > New;
    2. File > Save as > save the new data base;
    3. go the original database > copy all contacts > go to the new data base > paste all contacts.
    You can later simply delete the old data base.

    1. In my case, it was a new install and the application fail to launch. Therefore, no chance to click on those menu. I also seen some people mention to delete a folder under appdata, which is not available in my case as well.

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