A couple reasons why you don’t want to buy Buffalo products.

I bought a HD-PXU2 Series portable hard disk, a Buffalo product. It’s encryption software and TurboUSB driver that comes with the drive doesn’t support 64-bit Windows. I search on the internet and found that Buffalo has different support for users from different countries as follow:

  • The Hong Kong website provide no useful download whatsoever.
  • The United States website provides download on if the serial number matches those that is bought in United States.
  • The Taiwan websites provide download of the latest driver at that time (version 1.10), which supports 64-bit Windows, however, it is no longer available now.
  • The Japanese website provide similar support as the United States.

The HD-PXU2 has a virtual CD-ROM emulation, which causes problem with some CD-burning program (such as Astroburn) and Ghost.


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