Excel Error, 因為使用過多的字型,一些文字的格式將無法正確顯示。請關閉其他文件,再執行這項作業,以改善這個現象。

I have an Excel file that has a pop-up error everytime it opens. It says “因為使用過多的字型,一些文字的格式將無法正確顯示。請關閉其他文件,再執行這項作業,以改善這個現象。”.
The Excel files works fine under WinXP SP3 (TCH Edition) + Office 2003 SP3 (TCH Edition) with regional setting set as Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) but would have the above error when regional setting is changed to Simplified Chinese (PRC).
I Google for awhile, didn’t find much help. I found the following blog describing about a similar problem but the solution on the website didn’t help.
After sometime of troubleshooting, I notice that it will work fine if I installed MUI for Office 2003 and choose “English” as the office interface.

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