Short note on Lenovo ThinkVantage Technologies Administrator Tool Share

Lenovo computers comes with the so called Thinkvantage Technology
software. One of such is the "System Update", which takes decades to
load just to discover that it needs to update itself before it can take
a century to download the required updates for your computer.

Critical updates such as BIOS update and driver updates can be acquired
using System Update automatically. Others recommended updates like
Rescue & Recovery, Client Security Solution,etc can also be
obtained with the help of System Update and it will download &
install the appropriate version for you.

Updating the system with System Update itself can take a day or two,
depending on how out-dated your software/driver are. My experience, it
took over 24 to update a T40 to download all the required updates.
Well, that might be due to slow internet connection, the download works
a lot faster if you download it from Lenovo’s FTP (that is, if you know
which file you need for you specific computer and download them one by
one manually).

All that was before the knowing of "ThinkVantage Technologies Administrator Tool" available from Lenovo at

By downloading and installing "Update Retriever" , you can actually
download and have your local repository of different model of Lenovo
computer’s driver & software. Using "Thin Installer" with "Update
Retriever" simplify things and save hours of work. If you got lots of
Lenovo computers and have trouble managing the drivers and softwares of
different model, I guess you should give these a try.

It works like a charm~!

Happy deploying!


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