Server setup at University for student had security issue.

I once took a course at University, the course was about network programming.
The course co-ordinator was kind enough to setup a RedHat 9 for us to do our programming
exercises as well as our assignment.
Students are to login with SSH and by default would land on their home
folder. I check on the folder rights, we have "Read" rights on people
of the same group.
Do you know what this signals? It means that you can do a "cd .." to go up one folder, "ls" to see
home folders of other students and copy files from their home folder. You might not know the filenames
but for university exercises and assignment, there is a filename
convention that has to follow. That gives you some clue on what files
to copy, doesn’t it?
Otherwise, you can just try to copy everything. That won’t hurt either , right?

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