Lotus Notes is fooling you with it’s Prevent Copying option.

Ever consider using Lotus Notes prevent copying option in the Delivery Option? Oh well, if you did, you can drop that idea right now, because it is good for themselves only. That function only works for Lotus Notes from what I noticed, not even DWA (Domino Web Access).

I did a little experiment, I send an e-mail to myself with the prevent copying option and them try to forward/print it in Lotus Notes.

I get the following pop-up.

Then I started to think, what prevented me from copying/forwarding/printing the mail? It is a application pop-up, it should be the application itself. Why not consider sending the mail with the same option to a web mail account instead? Oh, wait a minute, did I mention web mail? What about DWA? It’s web mail, right?

I login to DWA and forward the mail with success. I don’t have to bother sending the mail to a public web mail account to discover that IBM is trying to fool me. The next time you consider using Lotus Notes function, think of how they try to fool you first.


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