I.T funny practice (Part III)

1.Windows 2003 had SNMP enabled such that you can view a list of all users, processes running, logon user, etc with the public community.
2.The certificate for some macro had expired such that the Excel macro security has to be disabled in order to allow it to run.
3.The local administrator password has the same pattern as the file server administrator password.
4.The built-in administrator of the file server is the one being use everyday.
5.Every manager has a All-In-One printer which they seldom use. The other funny part is, it has fax support without a fax line in his room.
6.Lots of preparation such as FM200, fire extinguisher, etc had been implemented into the server, but the windows aren’t fire proof.
7.You have system administrators in your company but you do not have I.T support.
8.The server room has 2 large UPS and STS system implement but the some devices are connected directly to socket on the wall.
9.The I.T manager needs to brief the programmer occasionally about a job that takes 10 man-day can be completed in 5 man-day with 2 people.
10.The I.T dept created a system where the users can’t change what they input when they are supposed to be able to do so, and have to write a request form so that the programmer will do it for the user through accessing the database.

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