Why Microsoft is still with the floppy drive?

Recently, I come up with two rare case that pisses me off.
Case 1:
I was freelancing , reinstalling Windows 2003 (x64 , SP3 and hotfixes slipstreamed up-to-date) for an Intel server board. I notice that the computer has two identical disk installed, but only one was in use. Next, I check the motherboard’s feature and discover that it supports Intel’s Matrix storage RAID function. Well, why not give a try? The computer should had been planned to a mirror RAID, after all, its a server.
I edit the BIOS setting to support the RAID, create an array of RAID, then I start installing the Windows 2003. Boomshakawaka, BSOD before it starts installing. It’s just surprising that the latest SP and hotfixes doesn’t include the latest drivers for Intel Matrix Storage. Fine, be with it, I copy the drivers from the driver disc that comes with the mobo and give another try. I press the function key to install third party driver at the earliest stage of the installation. Windows setup was happy with the driver and start copying files in preparation for the installation. However, right before the installation begins, it claims that it fails to copy the file from the floppy disk to the HDD for the installation. I have no idea what was wrong, probably a bad floppy drive, but who cares? The point is, I got limited time to finish the installation , the server can’t be down forever. I had wasted like an hour for copy files before the reinstallation and reading the mobo’s manual about the RAID. The client is happy with or without the RAID, because they never had one previously.
At the end, I have no choice but to continue with the installation without the hardware RAID and create a mirror RAID from Windows dynamic drive (Windows’ built-in function).
Case 2:
I was trying to learn more about Ntbackup today, especially about it’s compression during backup. I was not very pleasant with the search result from Googles, but I learn that it has something called the ASR. I curious and wanted to know how it works, so I gave it a try on my own computer.
I starts backing everything in my system drive (C:\), it was 15G in use, the backup ended with 15.2Gb, took a couple hours to complete. At the end of the backup , it complain that the floppy drive is not ready and that the backup cannot be complete. It one of those prompt that just gives you an "Ok" button and says "Sayonara" to you. Oh well, thanks Microsoft, it’s a Dell 320MT that has no floppy drive. You should had TOLD me that I need a floppy drive before the backup starts, maybe I could just plug-in my USB floppy drive.
Why can’t Microsoft give me an option to save the ASR related files to a file or something? Idiot!!!

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