I guess, Microsoft dislike Palm

OK, I got this Eten M700 in April, the first thing I wanna do is to transfer those ringtones that I have in my Xplore M68 (a Palm OS based phone). The simplest way I could think of is to switch bluetooth on both device and start the file transfer. I had been using my M68 for about 8 months and I never had any problem with file transfer with bluetooth. It work perfectly with PC, SonyEricsson and Nokia. But shit does happen, Windows Mobile 5 just doesn’t give any reaction to the file transfer. Ignorance that is. Tried going the other way (M700 -> M68), Palm tried to start the transfer but terminate it within a second. Guess Microsoft just doesn’t want to talk to Palm.
My Lifedrive can transfer files to my M68 just fine. M68 or Lifedrive can transfer file to any other device that I have in hand just fine too. As well as the M700. Just that , "Windows Mobile crossover Palm" doesn’t seem to work~~eh~~~~

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